Free Online Storage – A Primer on what best is available to the user for free !

Online storage today is a great resource that is available to the webuser. Earlier back in the 90’s we used to share documents using the concept of " File Server " . We never used to have the luxury of attaching documents to your mail if it exceeds 512k . For that we need to set up a file server space where we used to upload the file and then pass the url by mail to our friends for easier downloads.

Today the luxury of online storage is at its all time high. GMAIL allows you to store upto 5 mb as attachments on its mail. Furthermore there is the GMAIL drive that allows you to take a back up of your files to a large extent.

Today a lot of Web 2.0 application models use the online storage to a great extent. These 2.0 applications take advantage of the storage plans available on the web and at the same time ensure that they provide the service in a planned manner.

There is this interesting site called File Crunch that allows you to upload as much as 250 MB of data and allows you the liberty of sharing that with your friends.

File Crunch is an online storage site that is ideal for beginners as personally i feel the site provides adequate storage capability for an individual user to hold data backup for his personal files.This site also allows the user to hold the space on idle for more than 90 days . Reports indicate that we can watch this company very closely as File crunch is shortly unvieling its plans for expanding its free user storage capacity soon. Try using File Crunch here.

Mozy is a new online storage tools that makes available as much as 2 GB to back up your system data on a convenient manner. This tool is very mich helpful for backing up your data. However i am not so sure if any user would be so  interested to use this tool for file sharing as it will have all the files of your drive as make it susceptible to third party access. The functionality and the purpose of this tool is very clear as limited to taking systems backups. The following link can be used to access the Mozy trial now.

There are also other tools like Box, Flip drive, and tools like Diinoallowing upto 2 Gb.

Photos and Image Sharing :

Flickr is an excellent tool that is very trendy in the market for sharing pics with your friends and also as source of online storage for the user. It allows you to upload 200 pics on the free account at a time and the Flickr Uploader is so cool that all you need to do is drag and drop the images in your uploader and the rest is all taken care of automatically. The advantage of Flickr is that it is search engine friendly and for public access is an ideal storage device to share among all.

Picasa is a similar to Flickr with the advantage for providing adequate discreetion from the bots and spider of the search engines. Picasa comes from the genre of Google .

But end of the day its a great time for the web user that too with so many options available across i think we are looking for some interesting times ahead !

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