Vote for the next Indian President here !

With the presidential election around the corner and lot of divergent views coming in from different sects of the society like
( an IT professional seems to prefer Narayana murthy , youth in india invariably prefer for Kalam to continue the second term ) each having their own reasons and mental makeup to do so … I think its high time that we take a status check on this and find the popular presidential elect for the next term.

(Pls Click on the image to go to the Poll page )

Poll Courtesy: CNN – IBN

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2 thoughts on “Vote for the next Indian President here !

  1. It is time India looks at the Seven sister states..We had not cared and given step motherly treatment to this east part of India…Time to make Someone from this Place as President..also we didnt have any Christian as President..Christian Community had done great service to this nation and we need to bring them to the main stream..I meant Indian Christians dont include Sonia Gandhi in this list.
    My Choice for President is…..James Lyngdoh,former Chief Election Commissioner of India… IAS officer from state of Meghalaya.

  2. pratibha patil does not suit for presidential candidate. No other candidate in history has been propating for self like her, before elections. This post has some respect and dignity. She is running behind that.

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