Vote for Taj Mahal, Vote for Love !

Here stands the Taj, some call it a poem in stone , a moon white dream and an ultimate expression of love, you wouldnt believe its grandeur until you see the monument in person. As an entrepruneur i understand passion for something, but to be so hopelessly in love with your long lost wife and to glorify that state of mind you go and build such an amazing monument over a period of 20 years and using 20,000 workers is something beyond my imagination. When you see taj all that you are reminded of is the glory of love of a human being for his better half.

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Come June 2007 the world is voting for the Seven wonders of the world. Other than Internet what else could be more wonderful than voting for a monument that epitomises love like the Taj Mahal. This is what you can do

Step 1: Click on the url below and submit your email id:

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email. Click on a link in the same.

Step 3: Submit details as required and click the submit button to cast your vote

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25 thoughts on “Vote for Taj Mahal, Vote for Love !

  1. My Vote is going to Taj Mahal to include the Seven Wonders as it is symbol of Love. It should be inclues in the Seven Wonders. No one can construct the Taj Mahal.

    My Vote goes to The Taj Mahal which can not be destroyed

  2. As an Indian, I sicerely vote Taj Mahal as one among the 7 Wonders of the world. Because we should respect and believe in the past monuments of the History. And there is no life without love and effection between each other, whether it may between wife & Husband, Brother & Sister, Parents & Children, Friends etc.
    Thanking you One & All ON BEHALF OF SPORTSMEN SPIRIT

  3. Taj Mahal is a wonder of Love, there is no monument in the world expressing love, love is the best religionso my vote is for TajMahal

  4. vote for TAJ, beacause it is memory of endless dedication of True love.
    Mohan- call me at 9999406443

  5. Taj is the worlds best wonder and i rank Taj as no.1 of all
    and i request u all to use ur vote power and give our taj a beautiful life again

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