PODWORKS thrills bloggers to create better online experience for readers !

NDTV press conference

Podworks was the latest offering from The Knowledge Foundation that was held at Tidel Park over last weekend. This was a workshop cum unconference that nudged bloggers on the initiatives that we need to take to elevate the blogging experience. Podcasts, video blogs and related technology was discussed in the entire agenda that lasted for two days. Basically each particpant got the opportunity to associate on a group activity of getting their hands dirt on the tools and techniques to perfect the art of creating podcasts and videos. We had dedicated sessions on bady language and guidelines to avoid verbal erotic syllable on a conversation from Chinmayi that i found surprisingly true that most of us do so unconsciously. There was a session on lighting and frames by the local talent, the man behind the lens of the latest tamil movie “Chennai 600028” . Very fundamental approach to photography and he knew what he was talking. The discourse was so inspiring that me sid and the old man at TKF decided that its high time for us to unleash SHOOT and the first field day on this sunday.

We had a very young participant Nandika who got a great 1 o 1 with Karthik of The Hindu about her experience from the event. As for me and couple more hardcore patrons like kiruba, Jamp and few more of podworks we managed to do a podcast in the middle of the swimming pool at the beach house party in the wee hours (2 am) of Sunday morning about new line of events that knowledge foundation will churn in 2008. (We are planning to do a indian version of TED. We feel we have the bandwidth to do something that big and we will be ready for it) Scrambled back to the event on sunday and we(Me, Sid, dinesh, moyeen, aswin, raghav, kausik, ramachandran) managed to do a great podcast with Veena, Chinmayee, Latha, Sharanya on initiatives that TKF need to take to garner more support and patrons from the fairer sex. (This podcast will be released shortly). To sum up two days of fun and learning and as organisers of the event a great sense of accomplishment.

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