PROTO Road Show in Delhi

Proto Roadshow delhiThats Amit ranjan, Ravishankar, Vijayanand and Rajiv of Adobe and me behind the lens during the Delhi Road Show at India Habitat Center. It was a typical road show for the PROTO team as we started the day as early as 4 am at Chennai airport on a Saturday rushing across to delhi. All arrangements on ground was done so well by amit that we had everything as a breeze. The first half of the day was occupied on meeting with Adobe to address their concerns as sponsors and to outline the agenda. On parallel to that meeting was a visit to Global business network office to meet one of their top guys by Ravi.

The road show by itself confirmed attendance from some of the impressive startups of that areas and the partial list is as follows:- Nishant Kyal –, Sunil – Wirkle, Sumeet – Global Groupware Solutions Limited, Faraz, Gaurav – Quadlabs, Ankush – Indus Learning, Aloke – Ixigo, And Zoomtra as well. Apart from this we had a few technologist also attending the show with great enthusiasm. The objective of the roadshow was to raise the awareness of PROTO among startups in the north and to address most of their concerns and feedback. Apart from our addressing of the gathering we also had a showcase of one of the earlier presented companies talk about their PROTO experience to the audience. This proved a great morale booster for the crowd. We were able to provide a lot of PROTO literature, DVD’s of previous edition of PROTO, TShirts and other merchandise as freebies for all attendees. One of the interesting request from the audience was to plan a PROTO edition in Delhi and we will be seriously contemplating about that soon. Post event we had to rush for a exclusive interview with Sujata Sachadeva of Times of India at the Taj before rushing back to the airport

Next week we are supposed to hit Mumbai but the rain gods seem to show no mercy and our contact on the ground seem to be against the ideas given to current circumstances. Lets wait and watch !

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