Back with a bang !

Hi i all , I am back to blogging after a long absence of 2 months from writing anything online. I was busy with pile of work at Office and then some personal projects that needs dedicated attention. Now most of these are nearing completion and i have some breathing space to indulge in this . On a parallel note i have been involved in some exciting new products like FileCrunch and Ciraka that might be released at the subsequent months. It been really exciting and tiresome to spread across efforts in both fronts with same level of energy. Apart from all this Fuente has turned a new leaf (new look and feel) with August 2007. Post PROTO has been very busy that i was not able to event attend the elections for office bearers of The Knowledge Foundation that was held at the Boat Club on 19 August . Looks like TKF is heading for some interesting times ahead with Unconference book taking shape fast , Search Camp happpening in October, Barcamp Chennai in September and Web 2.0 Conference Scheduled for November 2007. Will write more about the individual events in detail later. BTW there are some excellent Google groups and Facebook for The Knowledge foundation where you can catch up good tid bits of conversation on whats happening at TKF. Good day Folks !

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