FileCrunch to go desi !

Online Storage has been one of the greatest domains that has been growing exponentially. Filecrunch has been one of the products that Fuente has been associated with for quite sometime and now we are exploring on what additional features and offers would a user look for in such a service provider. File Crunch has been around since 2005 and a sort of a sleeping giant since. With Fuente’s association with Filecrunch we plan to infuse greatedr features into the site to make it a more vibrant destination for users. 

This post is an analysis of what is available and what the user expectations are as such.  Each service provider has pampered the user with greater online space one above the other and the net result has been that the user has been able to capitalise on all these offers with better benefits than ever. Storage has been a value proposition as that happens to be one of the resons for the success of a very later entrant like Gmail.

Storage combined with other factors like regional language support will be a awesome advantage to users. Apart from multilingual support users are also looking for storage providers that are image friendly and also provide for multi location support servers and something different on Premium services. Filecrunch is also looking to support regional indian languages and also to support for its services for Blogs. Users can store their file at this site and reference in their posts for quicker retrieval.

There have been sites like Foldera and Gdrive or Omnidrive but none that has been specific to the indian environment. Thats one place where we want Filecrunch to address india users effectively. FileCrunch doesnt boast that its the best there is in town for users . But given the kind of regional environment it is planning to address in India i think it will be the best bet available to the user in the months to come. The New version of the site is due to be released in the month of Oct 2007 with bigger space and better features ! Good Day !

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