TechCrunch40 Conference and some interesting products.

I have been following TechCrunch40 Conference as one of the pillars behind PROTO we are constantly on lookout for ways to fine tune our product for the Indian ecosystem. Some amazing products got showcased in TC40 . Some of the products like RazorFish and Mint i have been familiar with and using . Razorfish got showcased at BCB4 at Bangalore and Mint is an accounting product i have been invited to test and recommend changes.(Since we run an accounting back office for US and Canadian Clients) . Mint has really been in a niche sector of personal accounting and i had the privilege of testing the product on Beta. Point to mention is that Mint was awarded $ 50,000 for interesting product of TC40. There were also some interesting products like Zivity , Flock , FarooApp2you, Mego, Clickable and Orgoo  . Each looks interesting in its sphere and the sessions were peppered by forum discussions in between.  Looks like the TC40 has really taken off well. Looking back for intersting aspects from the event there is not much i could say about the format . I think we are very happy with the current format of PROTO such that its focussed characteristically and gives the participant companies an option to attend tech sessions too.

On the personal front FileCrunch has crossed 100,000 users and was something to celebrate about. Soon the product is getting launched in Tamil and subsequent Indian languages. The Beta (on invite only) will be launched for Indian market somewhere in October end. Those of you who need access pls mail me so that i can send you the invites. On a parallel note FashionIQ got a mention at the International Herald Tribune here.

We are also on the design boards on a stealth mode on a product code name CIRAKA. More about it as we progress ! Search Camp is due in a few weeks and things are getting hot on the Knowledge Foundation. Good day !

PS: There has been some great news from the PROTO camp . One of the companies that participated in PROTO SE has recently clinched funding . Rarefind the company behind Mocodile is the one i am mentioning about . Mocodile‘s business plan has been selected for TiE Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program! EAP entitles them to receive seed capital of $150,000 + mentoring + publicity on TiE network!

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