India – Pakistan ( Clash of the Titans ) Final T20 world Cup today !

Cricket is a relegion in the subcontinent and this quicker form of the game T20 has taken the devotees by storm on a teacup. What more can we ask for than a fitting finale between the two countries, India and Pakistan. To reach this final was a himalayan task for both the teams . They started as underdogs and with every game there seems to be new energy infused into the team. The greatest find for india in this world cup would be the form of Yuvaraj Singh, the captaincy of dhoni and the streaks of talent from Uthappa and joginder singh

One visual treat that will always be in our memory will the thrashing of 6 Sixes by yuvaraj against England

My favourite to win will be obviously India after the form that they have been displaying lately. hope it all clicks tonight. Best of luck to our team and Chak de India !

PS: Finally India has Chak diya ! Great moment for team spirit and the nations morale ! Excellent Excuse to celebrate !

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One thought on “India – Pakistan ( Clash of the Titans ) Final T20 world Cup today !

  1. am i right if i define cricket as…

    11 fellows earning crores of rupees
    a dozen companies promoting their products


    a trillion of productive work hours of fellow indians are perishing just due to watching cricket

    is the cricket hampering the growth prospects of our nation INDIA ??

    is it good that we should celebrate our victory in the name of the game called CRICKET.


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