Manthan Awards – Osama Manzar, The knowledge Foundation and Saloni

Recently the Manthan Awards was announced last week and one of our Friends Ms. Saloni was awarded in one of the Categories. Congratulations to Saloni and her team on this achievement. Manthan Award is focussed more on e-content generated from rural india. Their Chairman Mr. Osama Manzar, a good friend and one of the key pillars of the Manthan Award activities is very proactive in the area of bridging the digital divide between /rural india and the its Urban.

Once back in 2006 I had a podcasting session with Osama and the occasion was Blog Camp 2006, Post event we were in touch and doing some rural initiatives alongwith IIT  Tenet at Myladuthurai, During one such field trip we happened to meet Saloni who now is the driving force behind DesiCrew. Desi Crew rides its services on the Tenet backbone for its bandwidth and internet needs and capitalises on the untapped potential of the rural india and its unemployment.

Once a team from the kenowledge foundation comprised of me, Vicky, suku, raga1, and ravi went on a field evaluation of this model. The work that Tenet was embarked on was pioneering and great. However there were glitches and couple of roadblocks on the project that needed ironing out this was one of factors that stopped us from pursuing an association with desi crew. Foreign Clients are very concerned about Quality, security and short leadtimes on the data that needs to be processed.

Last evening me and Osama caught up some conversation on the developments happening on our either corners. Best of luck to his continued efforts and our wishes to Saloni. All this association emerged out of The Knowledge Foundation and its events. Who said we (TKF) have not made a differnce in the society ? .

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