A journey on leaps and bounds at the Sensex !

Just 8 trading sessions is all it took for this tiger to leap fron 17k to 18,283 at the Sensex. This advance is totally ruled by the Midcaps. Personally it was a  greatest test of integrity for me to keep my hands off the market during such a vibrant time with Ramadhan and fasting underway. But based on my rambling a couple of my friends have gained a handful today and in the course of the week so that was comforting enough. As for today alone the Sensex has conquered nearly 900 points in the day with the difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the day.

Inspite of India ruppee being at all time high against the dollar and as a result all IT companies taking the brunt, inspite of threat of early elections in the center and political uncertainity on leadership and above all that the global cues arent that positive, yet the market managed to cross this hurdle with elan and ease. Truly a performance synonymous to an Asian Tiger ! All the sectors seemed to be powered on a overdrive with sectoral moves across the index.

Midcaps like Praj, Reliance Natural, Infoedge, Reliance Industrial Infrastructure, kamat hotels small caps like first source and large caps like Bharti, Reliance Industries , Reliance Energy, BHEL , SBI have been my favorite picks . Now lets watch out for a consolidation anytime soon . If you miss the opportunity dont worry there will be a rebound soon. Good day Folks.

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