Honey, I shrunk your devices !

There have been many coffee table conversations with friends and buddies reminiscing about how IT has changed our lives itself. To be more specific there have been specific discussions where we have wondered about the compactness of the form factor that has changed over the period of years as personal computing has evolved. I am sure many of us have had similar conversations at our living rooms as well but this blog post is about the doers / aka.. the real performers who took up the initiative to make the form factor more compact. There has been instance i had wondered how a device as small as ipod is able to hold 30 gb data compared to the standard hard disk of a PC that is at least 8 times bigger and makes so much noise while reading.

Enter professor Albert Fert from Universite of Paris – Sud also scientific director of Unite Mixte de Physique of France and Peter Grunberg also a professor at Germany who pulled out the concept of GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance ) . GMR effect large changes in electrical resistance for small changes in magnetic resistances. This effect was explained by murdin so vividly here at reuters " A computer hard disk reader that uses GMR sensor is equivalent to a jet flying at a speed of 30,000 kmph ..at a height of just 1 meter above the ground and yet being able to see and catalog every single blade of grass as it passes over" Isnt this amazing ? This inventions has opened the frontiers of technology to a totally new level. There is a new term being coined called Spintronics for developments in this technology. Looks like movies like "Island" are soon to be a reality . Nano technology is going to bring in similar breakthrough into new avenues of scientific exploration. Soon there might be devices that can record a persons total life metabolism at all stages of growth that will be helpful to narrow down on what can be termed as good habit from bad habits. Devices of this kind might be of great help in drug discovery studies thus Technology contributing towards the betterment of mankind.

After so many years i could really comprehend that Nobel Prizes in Physics are given to some practical realtime solutions and theories too. Most of the time either the studies that get awarded nobel prizes are way above my grasp or are too abstract. But this time the awardees seem to be well deserved and their invention has greater implications in the days ahead of us.

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