Social Media – Redefining the boundaries of the Society !

Lately there has been growth in a lot of Web 2.0 model online web applications that have facilitated ” the Geek ” to transform / evolve as a extrovert (at least online) . Nowadays with a lot of us IT professionals spending most of our quality time online either related to work or interacting with clients, peers and associates, online media has become a force to reckon with.

For example the recently concluded 20-twenty Cricket Series was so ardently followed online that servers like Cricinfo had been overloaded with traffic. This is just the indication of the behavioral change that we find in professionals today !

Popular sites like Facebook , Orkut, Myspace, Pownce, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumbleupon, yaari have been frequented by professionals nearly every day . Statistics show that we spend at least 20 minutes daily on such sites socializing with peers, friends and associates. This online media is growing up to be a severe influencing factor in todays youth. Geography is history !

This has opened avenue of socializing in an entirely different plane. But all is not so well as one may assume. Evolution of such new social media has its own threats as well. There has been increasing incidence of juvenile crime due to misuse of such media. There have been incidents of terror lurking unknowing youngsters who fall victims to some clever perpetrators. The nature of the online social media makes the user so comfortable that the user start to divulge some private matters that really make him/her susceptible to possible threats. These are certain do’s and dont’s that we need to follow.

Todays parents, youngsters need to strike a clear balance between real life and online life and to what extent personal information can be disclosed online at such social media sites. Soon we might have psychologists, counselors telling us about online ettiquette and the extent to which social media needs to be taken on real valuation, Soon I will be covering the strengths of this social media and the threats that loom in such mediunm i detail with a sociologist as a separate podcast. Interestingly one of friends seem to feel this new social networking is not working ! Ummm ! Interesting !

Check out this amazing presentation by Lee White

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2 thoughts on “Social Media – Redefining the boundaries of the Society !

  1. Hi…
    arrived here from somewhere in blogland…
    just an observation…
    the explosion of social media is accompanied by the breakdown of the extended family system…
    in urban India, until 15 years ago… most families were extended families … and children grew up with a lot of company and companionship.
    now with increased nuclearisation, and also an increased ‘latch key’ syndrome…. the bonds are becoming weaker..
    Maybe instead of looking at net etiquette, sociologists and psychologists may be better off looking for new ‘family etiquette’

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