Web 2.0 products : Is Indian ethos ready ?

This weekend at KAMP, Bangalore we will be presenting a paper on this topic "Whether India is really really ready for Web 2.0 products ? " 

India has been the powerhouse for some of the awesome work done in major product companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, i2 and event on data warehousing tools like Informatika. But there has always been a misgiving that popular web products like Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Del.icio.us got built in the west (USA). Lets try to understand what comprises the USA. It is comprised of people basically expats who migrate because they hope for a better place or of people who think differently. Most of you might not agree with my line of thought that these expats are just people who think different and want to effect a change are mostly of different mindset. This factor coupled with the growth of online access and IT growth and presence results in evolution of new needs and solutions to address such needs. This has resulted in products with different solutions at various niches thus creating a lot of online buzz on social media.

Coming to the question Is india ready ? Yes we are ! In terms of technology and the domain we are ready . But to create a successful product we need IT pervasioveness such that online traffic is high. Right now the growth of IT commectivity is well developped in the urban india . We need to spread out to the rural as well. Once that is there we will be successful in beating the language barriers across the different states of India. So if the netork backbone is established well enough then India id good to go ?

But again the rationale is " Where is all the excitement if we are not just ahead of time ? We can never capitalize on the first mover advsntage if we are going to wait for technology to happen and then put our thoughts to use " Fuente has been in the thick of things related to product development and project management for the last 30 months and since July 2007 we have been on development of a Web 2.0 product called " CIRAKA" on a stealth mode

CIRAKA has been a product we have been planning for more than 6 months before we started putting it to shape. Though we are not at liberty to discuss the features and the functionalities of this product it is one of a kind and the best part is that most of the product was evolved out of collective thinking from peer reviews and social media stuff so typical to Web 2.0 .

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