PROTO TE 2008 : Nominations are open !

PROTO has once again opened nominations for the emerging companies, startup for its Third Edition due to be held at Chennai on January 19th and 20th , 2008,

We are at the final stages of finalising a spectacular venue for the event. This time all the participant will have the luxury of booking their tickets right from the comfor of their desks using their Credit Cards online. No more will there be the hassles of sending in the Cheque or DD and then calling me up every now and then to check if the payments have arrived so on. The 2008 edition of PROTO poses a bigger challenge to the planning teamand that will be to ensure that we get quality audience (Investors, CEO’s and Industry experts) to reserve the premier seats well ahead of time so that all the participating companies get to share the "Elevator pitch " with the best of the Minds in the industry. That also means that our promotions will be more industry focussed and towards people who have fair idea of this event.

On a personal front Fuente (my company) was planning to nominate in PROTO TE 2008 with our product "CIRAKA" but it seems like we will not be ready with it yet and there needs to be more iterations on it before we release the Beta. So that means my partcipation at evangelising PROTO will be as usual gung ho and on all fronts. What more … this might be the last edition of PROTO to be held at Chennai as we are planning to let afloat the movement to other cities as well. So the entire Knowledge Foundation will work towards creating the never seen so far event. Good day !

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