What is burning in Baghdad ?

Last night i happend to come across a very interesting but reality blog about a blogger who happens to be a refugee from Iraq . The blog melts your heart out on the things that war does to a human being and the tendencies that seem to reflect on a soldier who is at war. I have seen movies like Platoon, Apocalypse Redux, Apocalypto that seem to glorify war and invasion of other humans . But you are somewhat relieved that it is a movie. Now to read this blog and to know what a person undergoes on such occupation of territory by a foreign force is very shocking and sad. Pls click on the image for the link to that blog !  

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2 thoughts on “What is burning in Baghdad ?

  1. India being a tolerant and secular country but still under attack from fundamentalists forces every other day a bomb goes off and people die in streets like dogs all becuase of hatred and intolerance of narrow minded people , why bother about iraq when being an Indian you cant solve problems of India or elevate your fellow brethern from thier narrow minded fundalmentastic attitudes

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