3 miles from Nandigram : Eye of the political storm !

Last week was a very hectic schedule as after the SCRUM certification programme with Pete Deemer and UMO2007 at Hyderabad i had a schedule to go to Haldia to oversee the operations of our trading arm. This was my first trip into Haldia. Haldia was like stepping into a chasm between the old and the new. On one hand there are major industries like petrochemicals and related refineries with investments amounting to billions of $. Haldia harbor was looking so good with some impressive initiatives and operational efficiencies that make the port one of the most trafficed ports in the country. I was there to discuss the supply chain plan for our Iron ore exports operations.

Sunday evening we were at the banks of the Ganges, a river of wealthy proportions. Just as we landed at the place we had a couple of political biggies surge in with their cavalcade to cross the river. Only then we realised that they were enroute to Nandigram to work things out to their favor. From the access point in Haldia next to the IOC guest house the eye of the area of political turmoil was 3 kms only. The area as such was so calm compared to the way things are flared up in all these newspaper dailies. There was no resemblance of any kind to what is being reported as a "war zone" so on. If only all these politicians stop to lure the public into their heinous intentions, India would be a much better place for all of us.

(BTW I am a certified scrum master now so if anyone needs SCRUM to be initiated in their organization feel free to call one me anytime.)

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