Stop AIDS !

INP + (Indian Network of People living with Aids) a not for profit body in association with Frenz Concepts is staging a fashion event at The Accord Metropolitan on 12th Jan, 2008, called ” RAMP 2 STOP AIDS

Tamil nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andrapradesh are the top four states in india with the highest incidence of AIDS. India has 2.5 million people afflicted with AIDS.  One study, undertaken among residents slum areas in Chennai, has found that 6% of men had had sexual intercourse with another man. Almost 7% of the men who had sex with other men were HIV-positive, and more than half them were married. Poverty combined with low status does not allow a vast majority of women to negotiate safe sex, and thus makes them vulnerable to the disease.

Statistics with INP+ show that the incidence of AIDS is more than 50% among the age group of 15 – 24. This came as a rude surprise to most of us at The Knowledge Foundation.

Historically Chennai figured in the global AIDS map as the first city in India where the first AIDS case was reported in 1986. Then in 1999 Namakkal a town in Tamil Nadu had the highest incidence of AIDS cases.

Indian government has been doing a lot of initiatives to combat AIDS . NACP (National AIDS control Programme) is a part of the Ministry of Health that takes a very proactive role in all the states of India . NACP III is currently under execution until 2012 which includes Anti retroviral treatment for those affected by AIDS and so on. But still we have a long way to go…

Coming back to this event , The event organizers aim at creating a kind of awakening particularly among the youngsters of today who with their uber lifestyle that is supplemented by early careers and augment hippie culture.

The RAMP2STOP AIDS event is a melange of screening of a Documentary on AIDS followed by a Fashion Show for the cause by designers Sidney and Erum Ali. Followed by Fashion Choreography by Sunil Menon. There is abundance of knowledge available with us at TKF for those who are interested to know more on this.

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