Taare Zameen Par : Reality Cinema

A Week back i happened to catch up Aamir khan’s latest and debut directorial venture " Taare Zameen Par ". I expected to see something on the lines of " Anjali " A mani ratnam offer some 10 yrs back . But this movie was way beyond all those expectations. There were many instance in the film that i was able to correlate with my Childhood friends at school. This movie takes you to a different world as such. It makes you realise that we need to step back from this fast paced urban life style at times to relish on nature and as well to nurture those souls who are good at different skills and not necessarily academic. A great offering for parents and a must see for all teachers in our country. The young boy Ishaan is the star of the movie with such a powerful packed performance. At last a movie that you could really enjoy not for the star value but for the content and the performances. A must watch film. I wouldnt like to talk more on the film content and let the secret out. But is a hearty treat for 2007 !  

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