PROTO Third Edition – Live

Place : Asiana Hotel

Date:19th. Jan 2008

After a very long gap of more than 50 days I have taken to blogging as we were all tied up for the organising of the event PROTO. With this edition we have completed 3 editions of PROTO at Chennai and most of us have felt that its time that we let go this movement across to other cities in India to gather moss. Based on this the next edition is to be held at Delhi and is in the third week of July 2008. Venue is yet to be finalised. As for now here are the few companies that are the finalist of PROTO in the current edition

One Place was the first company to Present at this edition. One place was a realty transaction site for buying properties that is focussed on NRI’s . Interestingly this startup is a part of the long list of portals that service builders like Parsvnath Developers by enabling them with offline and online marketing tools.

 The Viewspaper is a online product that will integrate the blogs and newspapers, online social networking tools and bullettins. This online Newspaper is focussed for the youth and will be set as a platform to reach at the pulse of the youth on topics like politics, new, technology so on. provides bloggers and publishers with in-text ads that will provide monetization opportunities like adbrite or Snap. The USP is that it combines Advertising + Content and highly targeted. Fully customizable. Any third party ad network can be used to generate ads. They are looking for partnerships with third party publishers.

 Instablogs is a startup that integrates blog content from different resources thus creating a conversational platform. Its a family owned startup having pageviews of more than 2.5 million. 200+ freelances integrate to make this site happen.

I will be writing some more soon but more now more important work beckons me at the venue and then there is networking ! Good day folks !

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