34 years of serving Earth !

Today I step into my 35th. year "Serving my time at Earth " . This is accompanied by New plans , new responsibilities, and newer resolutions. I have completed 3 years with Fuente and 8 years with Mecosoft and nearly 2 years with The Knowledge Foundation (ever since BarCamp Chennai in Feb 2006) . The journey so far has been very exciting and challenging too.

On a personal front at Mecosoft I have been involved in starting branch offices in foreign countries at least thrice which involves right from setting up offices and the Incorporation procedures to forging alliances with foreign counterparts and getting the entire office operational on a warpath. To challenge and execute such work on a foriegn soil brings about a greater confidence and needs survival skills of bootstrapping. Greater challenges were that we worked on interesting times across borders that were afflicted by SARS and getting in and out of Quarantined zones through air land or sea. Since most of our operations was between Hong kong, malaysia, brunei and Thailand (which were the major SARS afflicted zones in 2002 onwards) there was a constant thrill in operating there. In retrospective it was all adventurous and fun.

Eversince Fuente happened and we found the trend of global need to view India as a best outsourcing destination our exploits to foreign lands has been restricted and I have focussed greatly on back office work, project management and customer interaction. This was the time that TKF happened and I was able to channelise a lot of unbundled energy into that initiative. With the support of stronger minds like Kiruba, Sukumar, Ganesh, Sid, Raga1, Vijay, Sudhir, Ravi, Nandhu, Sagaro, Narain, Aswin and kausik today TKF is a much bigger body than any single individual per se. And i feel it high time to let it float forward as an independent body. Also there is a constant misgiving back at office that i devote more of my quality time on TKF rather than business. This year will also be a step towards taking a lesser role in day today activities of the Foundation. But this was a great opportunity for us to give back something to the society in a unique manner. Today TKF is a formidable force and a respected body in the National arena. Eventhough it is obscure in presence it is well known for the events that we conduct. And i take great pride to have been a part of such humble begining.

This year i might possibly think of stepping into US and Europe as our business interest in both places seem to get more day by day. And a sticter diet regime to tone down and play low on the equity market (Aggression doest seem to pay off under current US recession). 

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4 thoughts on “34 years of serving Earth !

  1. Hey wish you a fantastic year ahead. Hope you continue to have greater successes this year in your business and other interests. Looking forward to reading about all your endeavors.

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