MoMo Chennai on a very positive front !

MoMo Chennai’s first edition for 2008 took off with a great event at Adayar Gandhi Nagar Club .This edition had a very balanced mix of content from the business areas and the technical aspects as well in a very positive note. Looking at the event on a retrospective i find the business climate of both the corporates and the user abd developer community are priming for a very interesting growth period. On one hand there are major handset providers like Nokia who acknowledge and spurn growth of the developer community in India and look at Indian developer to contribute widely towards development of interesting applications on the OVI framework. Nokia forum is all geared to create a very conducive ecosystem with extending opportunities for startups to garner support from Nokia in terms of resources like emulators and lab support . Nokia is also open to endorse financial support to potential startups provided they are able to bring discrenible value to users. Initiatives of this kind from corporates will be a great boost to Startups and entreprunuership as well. India is arriving to interesting times. Forum Nokia and Mosh was presented by Nokia, Followed by OVI framework and Widsets for Nokia phones. Mobisite Galore presented by Prashanth and David. is a site where you can build a wap/mobile compliant site for mobile users from your normal websites. The entire site can be built using a combination of tools available on the site that is WYSIWYG editor, a site optimizer for optimising images and a Style sheet similar program. The entire site can be built from scatch to WAP ready mode in minutes and hands on on the site. And guess what the entire tools is available for free with no strings attached. There is a newer version that will support RSS kind of support that will be helpful for bloggs to be built for Mobile compliance. This was again a very interesting presentation MoMo point of view to provide some hands on to audience in terms of knowledge.There was Iphone related programming presented by Prabhu which was all about the hacks available for iphone and the development possibilities related to that Nokia was a major sponsor of this edition of MoMo and there was a brief introduction on MOSH to the audience. MOSH serves and an exchange platform where users can exchange ideas , builds and code related to developments for the OVI framework. The OVI Framework also supports java and flash lite based programs.Currently a lot of widsets are available for this framework that can be downloaded here.

Post Event Networking saw us through to request from Senthil from TKF to endorse WebCamp due to happen on 23rd Feb at RailsFactory. More details on the same will be posted soon. Another interesting development was that after a colorful stint at Atangudi, Sagaro came in to organise the first edition of RTFF for 2008 on 23rd Night and we plan to rope in Nandhu and TUD for this (Sid is off to Ahmedabad with his colorful frisbee team for some match) . This is one event i will be eagerly looking forward to as its been nearly more than 6 months since the last RTFF edition. This time it will be a Quentin Tarantino weekend with planned screening of atleast 5 of his best movies with some analysis and discussions going throughout the night. Many of our friends have commented on how we expend our energy in doing stuff like this, most of us derive sheer pleasure from seeing how our presence can make a difference in the larger canvas of things. I found a relevant youtube video that resonates the larger sentiment from the group.

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3 thoughts on “MoMo Chennai on a very positive front !

  1. Varun,

    Here are some to do’s
    Pls update the blog at MoMo Chennai.
    and link up all posts related to the same there
    Announce the next edition dates so that we can coordinate ourselves as well

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