Railway Budget : Looks very visionary !

Our Railway minister Lalu Prasad is on a Roll

Great Value : Implementation of SMART Cards across all stations, Touch screen kiosks to book tickets, 20,000 more counters across india, Mobile ticketing , This will be a great boost to the IT companies in India resulting in more that 2000 crore worth opportunity. Want to do away with the long queues for reservations. ATM ‘s with ticket vending capability to be deployed across major stations and bus terminals.

Revenue Churner: Increase in freight carrying Capacity for trains. Current carrying capacity of 780 million tonnes will be increased to 790 million tonnes. with freight cut on fuel carrying loads.

Private companies can build terminals for freight in a given space.

Populist measures:  50 % concession to AIDS patients, Free season tickets to girl students until graduation, Cut in second class fares by 5% and A/C fares by 3 % and third a/c by 2 %  the list is endless. Marking the end of ” Coolies ” hereafter they will be trained craftsman. Announcement of green toilets that are modular.
Lalu the management guru ? ! ” Desh ka bachha bachha bole Chak de Railways ”

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2 thoughts on “Railway Budget : Looks very visionary !

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