Is Virgin going to make India hot ?

Last weekend when the entire country was glue to the TV watching Filmfare awards there was another major launch happening at Mumbai, that of the launch of Virgin Mobiles. Sir Richard Branson was there to launch the same. Surprise that he was there to launch a mobile service, Seems like there is more to it than meets the eye. Virgin has tied up with Tata Teleservices for the distribution of the same. Just after the Vodafone takeover of Hutch when we all thought that all the fizz in the telecom race is going to settle down here is something interesting brewing up. Virgin announces credit points for all the incoming that the subscriber will receive in his moble. The more you talk the more credit points get accumulated. Airtel had recently announced 1 re per call, Vodafone announced 75p per call, BSNL announced 50p per call and here is Virgin annoucing that it will pay the user for each incoming call. Woah ! All these companies should think on lines of extending their services to 3 g and so forth rather than look at a pure pricing strategy. As for now once again we can see some sparks flying in the telecom space.

Just when the whole world is going Gung Ho about an Indian company (TATA) coming in to take over a Global Brand like Jaguar, everyone wants to be a part of that brand TATA. TATA had recently took a major stake of private jets fleet from an auction at Singapore last month to build a corporate jet fleet for India Inc. And now the king of the Skies of Britian comes calling to TATA. There is more to it than meets the eye. Virgin has a great network and track record of setting up domestic airlines in Australia, Britian, Europe, South America and Africa as well. Some years back TATA also had great plans for Indian Skies in Tieup with Singapore Airlines and Chennai was supposed to be the hub for that. Somehow due the political climate at that time being not to inestor friendly things didnt take off well. And is this another lease of life to those plans of TATA or is there any sort of alliance in the making from the two sky  mavericks of Airlines Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic) and Vijay Mallya (King Fisher) only time will tell.

Virgin’s presence in India will be a great plus to the Aviation Industry and the Indian Consumer bcos here is a company that thinks out of the box . Here is a company that has promised to put private space travel in the aviation map of the world for the First time and that too cheaper. What more Sir Richard Branson himself has claimed to be in the first flight to space as a kind of assurance to his dream plans (Entreprunuer to the core, daring to dream big and bold ) . As per virgin atlantic’s agenda for the space program they are supposed to go on orbital flight by the end of 2008. India is known for its strengths when it come to space exploration and cryogenics. And space research is one place where entreprunuership has not moved any boulders and we need visionaries like Richard branson to break the mindset.

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