Cool Gadgets for Geocaching !

Garmin Colorado for the professional GPS tracker

Garmin Fore runner for the sports enthusiasts

Here are two interesting devices that I am contemplating to buy for a project initiative related to GPS. India today lacks a proper valid data when it come to maps that are geocoded. We infact have no goecoded maps that can be made available to public for use. GIS has major implications across industry and domain where information can be put to use in varied forms. Many organizations who would like to have such information to launch a market feasibility study, or consumer research stop short due to lack of available data . And to start an initiative of this kind by itself is a project on its own. Why shouldnt  we as citizens of our neighborhood do this work from scratch. What i am planning is to acquire these devices and starting mapping my neighborhood and once i am done with that i am ready to lend it to whoever is interested to map his/ her neighborhood (and of course returnable) and slowly we take this initiative across to all our known circles to plot pockets of information about the entire city of chennai over a period of next 6 months.Whoever is interested to join this initiative pls leave a comment on this blogpost with your mail id and we will be in touch with you.

Community Service can also begin on initiatives of this kind where technology can be a big enabler (Anybody can lay roads or fix potholes) but doing geo tagging and geocaching for our neighborhood is going to be pioneering and very helpful base for the emerging applications and for the general public.

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