Celebrating an Affair of a lifetime

Its a Sunday morning and i am sitting at home after all the regular chores fantasizing about the best that can happen to me right now. You take a hapless bird, skin it, sprinkle it with some of the hotest spices and leave it overnight. Hold on,  I am not talking about the devil and his histrionics in hell for the sinners. I am talking about heaven on a platter. Ok Continuing what i was saying the next day we take the marinated bird and put it on a fiery cauldron at 600 degrees C. that we Indians called the Tandoor. You leave it there for 20 minutes and then take it out and serve it alongwith its companion in the tandoor the Naan aaaaaand Viola ! …. you get the heavenly food – Tandoori Chicken. Its been a long drawn love affair for me with Tandoori Chicken across borders and cultures. This is one dish that goes well as any meal of the day and is my all time favorite.It is a Pan Asian dish that you can find in any non veg restaurant in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Wikipeadia has an interesting account of the roots of Tandoori that food lovers can check out here. The dish is crisp at the outer and succulent at the inner. The meat is evenly engorged with the juices of spices and to have that with naan is a taste that will linger in your tastebuds forever. Tandoori Chicken is a food you will find in any non vegetarian hotel across India. This one mughlai dish where you can be certain that the fat content is relatively very low. Online research shows that 1 leg piece of Tandoori Chicken has 273 Calories. Check out the tandoori chicken at its very best at The Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton Delhi, An experience that will linger in my memory for a very long time.

Certain Facts:

This is a National dish of UK and is 2 Billion pound business in Britian.

Even SARS doesnt dimish our loyalty to this dish.

This is a dish that is favored by most of my overseas friends and loved.

And for those who feel the longing to have one here is a recipe that fits for the one cooking at home. In Chennai catch the tandoori at Dhaba Restaurant and GRT’s Radisson Hotel. If you are the one ready to try the kebab shops at Peters road, Triplicane will offer you a great treat.  

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating an Affair of a lifetime

  1. Excuse me for commenting so late. I have just blundered across this post and must thank you for linking to our recipe for tandoori chicken. We’re honoured!

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