Back to blogging old ways !

Its been more than 100 days since i touched my blog. Swamped with work, fatigue and need for a break i couldnt find the time to update the blog at all fronts.

PROTO Delhi edition is going great and the registrations are open. For the startup companies the nominations are getting filled fast as ever and will close down anytime now. We had been busy setting up the ecosystem surrounding PROTO which would greatly help startups to create a  platform for open dialogue and exchange of ideas / skillset / resources sharing. As for the organisers having the first out of home edition is proving a logistical challenge. Lately there seems to be a severe consolidation of the organising core team as many of them are too occupied on their work and careers. Every May results bring about attrition of the college crowd to different cities and thus resulting in the spreat of the word on TKF but on other hand we run severely short on resources to do the essentials. Thats very much on the PROTO front.

MoMo Chennai is gearing up for its next edition and as varun is not in town we have Asif taking up the organising part. A month back i had some interaction with Ms Lubna Dajani who is the founder of MoMo New york and we had shared an idea that we create a communication window between both the chapters to invigorate knowledge sharing across boundaries. Now that needs to be worked upon.

Now coming to one of the pet projects of TKF – BlogCamp 2008 is sill to gather momentum as there is a view that too much of blog camps happening across India and we dont end up doing a rehashed content of the same. Last month one of our friends had organised  a blogcamp at Villupuram for all tamil bloggers and thats how things are today.

We should aim for something new and something thats tremendously short in the current business climate. And we look for newer enthusiasts to join us in creating the same.

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