Secure your WiFi Networks: Prevent prowlers accessing your Internet Connection

Every Holiday seems to bring jitters and uneasiness in our cities. Tonights attack at our nation’s capital seems to be another failed attempt to break our unity. Since the start of 2006 India has been target of more than 10 major terror attacks on innocent civilians. Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Srinagar, Hyderabad, Jaipur and now New Delhi. India is blipping strongly on the Terror map.

Terrorism is a plague that has to be universally condemned . No religion endorses such gruesome attacks on humanity. And those who do it under the pretext of a religion or creed are just cowards and outcasts of the system.

Whenever such disasters strike closer to home all we sit and do is complain and crimp about the inefficiencies in the system. Lets not just blame the system or the government . We live in a democracy and the system is about the people so i rather suggest that we take some active steps to curb inefficiencies in our system. Lets switch over from tradition reactive modes to more proactive mode. We need to start putting our heads together on What can we do as an individual, what we can do together as a team and finally what we can do as a society.

First of all lets ensure we secure our home and office wifi networks. We live in a nation that earns more than $ 50 Billion producing and generating software code . And here are a few rogues using the same system to inflict pain on us. As a team lets combat terrorism by creating awareness among those not so privileged by sharing on initiatives that we can take to secure any unauthorised access.

The Knowledge Foundation is known to create content that is the need of the times prevailing. Chennai has been lucky till now and lets all gear up and do something to combat such attacks rather that leaving it to luck.

Tomorrow there is a meeting on the forthcoming barcamp Chennai and my request is can we combine a separate session to bring in experts in this topic to create an awareness as well as initiatives that we can do as a team if we encounter such an attack in our city.

Right now all that i can think of is discussion on Emergency response volunteers, Traffic planning, relief planning and information aggregation to help locate victims and near and dear ones. If we can put together content by invinting experts from respective fields and succeed in  creating a checklist that can be used in the due future as well as archive it online then it will be of great help to others too. Friends who feel the need for addressing this issue all you need to do is post your comments.

May the Almighty guide the delhites during these dark hours !


5 thoughts on “Secure your WiFi Networks: Prevent prowlers accessing your Internet Connection

  1. t is seriously a wonderful thought and a great initiative.. Would love to join this at anytime… We might also need to concentrate on areas like connecting the people who are hit and their families…!

    Make me part of the mailing group..



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