The future of things to come: Rights of the few trampled under the guise of pursuit of justice

Disclaimer : This blog post is not an effort to judge who is right or who is wrong neither is it about taking sides on appealing to religious sentiments of the readers. Here is a typical case study of how a nation can be victimised for the handiwork of the few radical hardliners and the whole world stands and watches nonplussed. 

Its nearly a forthnight since outbreak on a mini scaled war in the Gaza Strip ! The two stakeholders under contention are the Hamas and the Israelis. At one side is The Hamas which is clearly a parasite that breeds amongs the palestine community and is least bothered about the extensive damage that inspite of loss of life among the community is relentlessly pursuing its own agenda and on the other side is a country that seems to have a hell care attitude towards humanity with a single minded hard vengenance as the only agenda
How could we justify this ongoing collateral damage where nearly 650 civilians have been killed which include children, women and more than 1400 injured in the last 14 days. Relief supplies of food and medicines has been blocked and barred from entry into the Gaza . Missile attacks on the power supplies of the gaza strip have rendered them dysfunctional and thus event ground water is not available to people. On one hand Israel’s Gross violation of Humanitarian rights of the those few Gaza residents and the whole world is watching helplessly. UN is just a dog barring its teeth but under the strong leash of other superpowers who are keeping mum allowing this to happen  . On the othes hand is Palestine that has two parties. Fatah who are the moderates and the Hamas, who are the hardliners. Both these parties have been alternatively succeeding to power by capitalising on incumbent sentiments of the people there. Hamas assumed power since 2006 and has been actively pursuing ” intifada ”  and has been on a suicidal streak ever since head on with Israel. The recent culmination of events that have unfolded is a result of this hideous agenda of Hamas.

There is this interesting recommendation on counter terrorism measures called ” The Gills Doctrine ” put forth by KPS Gill after his extensive experience combating Khalistani Insurgency at Punjab in the 80’s. The Gills Doctrine recommmends ” When fighting terrorists armed with military-issue hardware, the definition of what constitutes ‘minimal force’ requires recalibration. If terrorism is after all a new way of warfare, then the Government must be prepared to combat it on a war-footing. At the same time, there remains an overwhelming need to insulate the local population from suffering disproportionate collateral damage. For this reason, the use of area weapons and airpower is to be avoided, even if the result is heightened casualties on one’s own side”

In his approach to combat those who weild the relegious excuse to pursue terrorism strikes down with a strong handed persuasion that no relegion in earth advocates the use of violence / warfare on women and children and for that matter even against unarmed men. People who have been misled by such false idealogies need to be dealt with severly. He states in his doctrine ” Gill offered the terrorists a stark choice: they could either die for their idea of God, or live for themselves. There was no third option. Many Khalistanis responded as per logical dictates and surrendered. Those that did not, engaged in gun battles with the Police, and frequently ended up meeting their Maker. ”   Some of his recommendations have been very much hailed by experts across the world. And is an interesting read on measures one can take to quell such insurgency.

Coming back to Attack on Gaza , On one hand it is very important for countries to intervene and talk to either of the countries to seek for a immediate cease fire to prevent further bloodshed of innocent lives. On other hand war is big business opportunity for many countries to intervene and play the big brother role . At current recession climate when countries are groping for solutions to lubricate the economy as well as to create a resource exchange this kind of mediation, peace keeping effort is an excellent excuse.  As far as the Media is concerned it has been having a hay day for all this sensationalism with higher TRP’s and feeding us crazy like the day of Operation Desert Storm

Look at the world around us today. Close to home we have the LTTE rebels fighting a loosing war where a lot of civilians are being killed as collateral damage. A little far away we have Thailand nearly in a state of disorder. Then there is Pakistan trying all its antics at our homeland. Each of these scenarios have all possibility of getting played out or escalated to a Gaza like situation if we elect the wrong decision makers to power. These are times that require us to act responsibly and exert our franchise with great thought.

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