World Summit Awards 2009

Last week i happened to be invited to chair a high level discussion panel at WSA ” 21st. Century India on Digital Content” The meeting was held at the Intercontinental. Delhi as a part of the World Summit Awards and  went excellently well. I happened to chair 3 major discussions panel of which the primary invite was for  ” Digital Content in E-Governance : Policy Focus :

The objective of the brainstorming session was to arrive at solutions to bridge gap in content delivery on public services online. Some of the recommendation arrived at were presented to Mr Wajahat Habibullah, Chief Information Commissioner of India and Mr Chandrasekar, Special Secretary DIT , MOCIT

Recommendation provided by the group to Govt of India

1. An all Inclusive approach to development rather than creating information silos
2. Incentivise content delivery models for PPP initiatives
3. Subsidize cost of devices, access and other factors to build sustainable models around such initiatives
4. Set standards for interoperability particulary to support regional language content
5. Rather than aiming at holistic models like Single window solutions build model that fit local requirements

Among the co panel members with me were
Rudi Vansnick, President ISOC Belgium
Effat El Shooky , Advisor to MOCIT, Egypt
Dorothy Gordon, DG , Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center for ICT
Ashish Sanyal, Sr Director, DIT, MOCIT, Govt of India
Tulika Pandey, Addnl Director, DIT
Ajay Mishra, Principal Scy IT & C . AP Govt
Neel Ratan, ED, PWC India
Gitanjali Sah, UN Solution Exchange

During the Networking sessions i happened to exchange notes on ISOC India Chennai’s  Online Child safety Initiatives with many distinguished guest of which prospective leads were with Rudi Vansnick, Effat Elshooky, Gitanjali Shah (UN Solution Exchange on ICT  and Sreenivasan (Founder- Career Launcher Network), Jayalakshmi Chittoor, Deepinder Singh ( Egov -MOCIT) . All these ppl appreciate our efforts. Particularly i had a conversation with Dorothy whjere she made an observation of having visited an internet cafe in Remote india and it will filled withy school boys watching porn. Most of them are willing to participate as well as help us in the initiative. All we need to do is pursue forward with single minded focus.


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