Copenhagen Summit on Carbon Emission Reduction !

6 Months since i wrote a blog post ! There has been a mental shift all these months that those who don’t do any thing at ground level are that ones that have time to blog. Pursuing on this belief and getting hands on into so many initiatives got me so busy and blogging got a lower priority on things… Slowly i found that apart from the tight circle of influence and friends , ppl were unaware of what initiatives that we were pursuing or putting to shape. So here i am back to old ways to reach out to those who have been online contacts so that we can update you on what is going on at Chennai and at The Knowledge Foundation.

Later this year 100 countries across the globe are getting together at Copenhagen to sign a key treaty on Climate Change and initiatives to reduce the carbon foot print of individual nations. This we believe will be a big step towards safeguarding the ecosystem from an unending spiral of destruction owing to development/industrialisation. Pls follow the key tenets of the campaign at the following url ( ) .

For the last 6 months i have been a part of a Climate Change Diplomacy group of 20 researchers from across the world convening at a study on the initiatives pursued by individual countries for climate Change. Some of the most active proponents of this cause or European nations, island states, many countries in africa. Some of the developing countries like india, brazil are debating on the extent of tradeoff one can pursue given the exponential growth that they are witnessing right now. Countries like China and US seem to contribute majorly to the GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions.

The previous meeting of the UNFCCC was at 2007 wherein the Bali Action Plan was drafted in a effort to preserve the forest and ecosystem.The initiative was focussed towards tech transfer that can aid poorer countries to leapfrog over development and ensure they leave a lesser carbon footprint.

We at the Knowledge Foundation are rolling out a campaign on Climate Change as a part of Elements5 . The campaign is to substitute CFL lighting at rural schools across tamil nadu. The rationale behind the campaign is that we intend to reduce energy consumption in schools that are currently using filament bulbs and tubelights with better energy saving alternatives like CFL. We are currently talking to a lot of colleges garnering volunteers to help us in the rollout of this campaign. Will update you more as we go on…


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