Scrum day India 2010 at Pune by India Scrum Enthusiast Community

India Scrum Enthusiast Community along with Scrum Alliance are putting together a Industry focussed event on Scrum practice in both IT and non IT sector. The objective of the event is to attract corporates and companies that are currently practicing Scrum at their workplace for Non software projects.

This event is the first Scrum event of its kind in India and we look forward to more than 300+ participants from various parts of the country. We have a key note from Dr Dan Rawsthorne apart from noted speakers like Jesse Fewell, Shrirang Bapat, Head of R&D at Amdocs India, Anil Bakshi, head of CollabNet India and many more. The overall plan to attract companies to Scrum methodology whereby business value is created on incremental manner with top priority given to the development of the most valuable feature first. The entire exercise will be around creation of a backlog that will be taken for project progress in time boxed iterations.

The event is a culmination of a 3 month planning exercise involving me, Sharad, Madhur, Hitesh and a few others sponsored by Ripplerock. We look forward to establishing a platform to embrace Non IT companies into engaging on a dialogue for embracing Scrum and other Agile practice in India in a big way. You may visit for more details about the event registration and Agenda .


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