IPv6 Task Force to power India for tomorrow !

An innocuous tweet that i made a few days back on this subject has raised a lot of queries. The result is this post on the entire topic. Before we discuss further on IPv6 and ramifications of a Task force on this rollout lets have a look at this video on the future of Internet.

IPv6 is the stepping stone for an internet where nearly all digital devices are connected seamlessly on the net. Official Statistics reveal that 18.4 million registered IP addresses are in India and in comparison to the global needs the IPv4 pool is in a state of Exhaustion . Today under IPv4 we are using a 32 bit address like ( ) so on but under IPv6 the address will be 128 bit long and hexadecimal ( 2010:db00:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000/32 ) . Looks complicated ! well it isnt if we understand the basic premise for doing this. Lately HP had launched a printer that is directly connected to the internet with a configured IP address so on. We are talking about a tomorrow where every device at your home will carry an IP address and can be used to send a command to the device or monitor the device.

Govt of India wants to rollout IPv6 within the next 18 months . Doing a math at the size of work by itself is enormous. This involves not only migration of existing networks to IPv6 but also a list of activities like awareness creation, capacity building and training requirements . As a part of ISOC Chennai I have been following this initiative closely and we would like to form a Task force of volunteers who will become a part of this project and have all possibility of getting absorbed as a part of a larger initiative / assignment . This post is basically and initial callout that can snowball into a larger project soon. For those who are interested mail me or leave a comment with your contact coordinates. Good day !

PS: This post has been prepared with intention to be non technical to maximum extent.


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