end of an Era….may you rest in peace, dear friend !

Time is marked not by new friends that you meet each day but by friends that have been with you all along, that we take for granted and who has suddenly left us … A friend through childhood and school is more special bcos here is a friendship where there is no pretense and who are looked upon as extended member of the family. Such a friend is one who gives me the total freedom to be myself . Both our parents know each other and look upon us growing old together. Today you have left me walking alone…I rest assured that a true friend is just one soul in two bodies.

Every corporate today screams about creating and safeguarding “Human Capital” and the value that it creates . Its time we take a status check on this at a personal level. We need to do a personal introspection on the “Human capital” that we build over all this period and what efforts we take to safeguard these relationships. It all now boils down to the fundamental question whether all of us are lost in the pursuit of worldly possessions overlooking on what is important in life ? Take your time to ask this question and get your priorities right.

As for you my dear Kandan, We are all proud to have walked the earth with you ! You have shared our joy, worries, cried in our pain, been more mischievous than us, both of us have sweat and broken arms on the football field, fished on the school pond during monsoon, numerous group studies and sleepovers, outings, raced on cycles near sugarcane fields, watched hollywood action movies together, dining out over weekends, introduced me to Perry Mason, Robert Ludlum and Alfred Adler and above all shared notes on teen romantic pursuits. We have been there and done all that shamelessly. Today I cherish all that ! Experience maketh the man !

You will live in our memories forever ! Hope heaven is made of friends like you !


4 thoughts on “end of an Era….may you rest in peace, dear friend !

  1. Let your friend’s soul rest in peace. Let us pray the Almighty to give mental strength and courage, to all his family members and friends.

  2. Thanks for all the support shown by all in my blog as well as facebook wall. We as survivors are still fighting to come to terms with the loss. Hope time is a great healer !

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