Recognize, Respect and Respond to stress at workplace !

Objective of the blogpost was to create awareness, on stress and how to handle stress, work pressure and work habits

Interesting statistics reveal that of late NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) reports – High suicide rate among IT Professionals and NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health) reports – High stress related cases among IT professionals

Facts about Stress: Stress is a Fight, Flight, fright response. There are two types of Stress : Eustress and distress. Eustress is good stress while distress is the negative form of it. Science behind Stress is that body alerts the sympathetic nervous system. Putting the organs back to original state is done by parasympathetic nervous system

Yerkes-Dodson Law of Arousal: This law states that an organism’s performance can be improved if that organism is aroused in some manner. However, if the level of arousal increases too much, performance decreases. Of course, this level is different in everyone. An example of this is an athlete who performs better under real game situation than he/she does during practice games. There is more arousal (stress, excitement) during the real games which increases their performance. But, if the pressure becomes too much, their performance can decrease (e.g., missing an easy shot with time running out and losing the game — choking!).

Typical Profile of IT Professional
* Workaholic
* Well qualified
* Well paid

Sabcons Research:
* D Factor Awareness ( The Incredible “D” Factor – Deadlines missed, divorce, depression, diabetes, disease, death wish )
* Long terms stress causes loss of peace, irritation, depression (mental, emotional, physical)
* Become Aware and Take action
* People Factor – Conflict management styles (Avoiding, compromise, forcing, confrontation)
* Everyone thinks the other person is responsible
* Personality Factor (Type A, Type B, Type C )
* Project Manager ‘s and Delivery Managers’s need to proactively deal with this issue in a better manner.

Identify these in your teams
* Breakdowns and burnouts
* Sick Leave
* Attrition
* Low productivity
* Stress management should be a critical part of your Risk Management in all ur projects

Stress Management – Pancha Koshas : The Yoga path of Self-realization is one of progressively moving inward, through each of those lampshades, so as to experience the purity at the eternal center of consciousness, while at the same time allowing that purity to animate through our individuality. These five levels are called koshas, which literally means sheaths.
* Annamaya Kosha
* Pranamaya Kosha
* Manomaya Kosha
* Vigyanamaya Kosha
* Anandamaya Kosha

Project Managers need to ACT

* Accountability in maintaining harmony in ur teams
* Communications – with ur members to understand them better
* Training – Provide adequate training for professionals to execute the relevant task with diligence

Secret of balanced Organizations
* Plan for Proper Shifts
* Employee Assistance when faced with instances/ episodes of Stress
* Insists on Compulsory Laptop free breaks

These are excerpts from a session on “I am only 35 & I have Diabetes” by Ms Sabita Prasad and Ms. Sudha Jayaram


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