Discussion at the Harvard Business Review on 11/11/11

Last night a few subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, Project Leaders were invited for a online discussion at the Harvard Business review and the Topic : How to be more successful at work ?

Some of the questions that were posed had great relevance to what i have been doing all these years and this was my take on the topic

Q1: What do you think is the most important thing you can do to successfully achieve a goal?

  • Prime most clearly define your goal. Talk to people who have pursued that goal in the past to get a hang of what to look out for.
  • Take time to visualise what it means to achieve this goal on grand scheme of things. By doing so you draw on your inner strengths and renewed hunger to achieve the goal
  • Indulge in a meticulous planning exercise
  • Break your path towards the goal into smaller units defining in between milestones. Time box them
  • Identify your critical path for acheiving this goal, estimate leadtimes, identify dependencies and resultant delays that need to be addressed along the way
  • Prioritise your smaller tasks and set milestones, Determine yardstick for measuring milestones achieved
  • Identify possible risks along the way and plan contingencies for possible risks.

Q2: What do you find to be the biggest obstacles to success?

  • Lack of meticulous planning
  • Have clarity while you communicate with a team when you work towards a goal.
  • Reluctance / Delay in mental shift from Planning to Execution mode.
  • Not being perseverant for the long haul until realisation of the goal and taking the foot of the pedal midway.
  • Any plan has to be in a detailed manner (unless you are confident), always anticipate and cover your risks.

Q3: What advice would you give to someone to help them be more successful in reaching their goals?

  • Define your objectives to reach a particular goal
  • Plan Plan Plan
  • Have a peer group or mentor who can share thoughts with you help acheive your goal.
  • Identify bottlenecks , The strength of the entire chain is as much as the weakest link.
  • Have a victory dance / ritual on how you reward yourself on achieving your goal

Overall the discussion was so powerpacked and well received that i felt i needs to be recorded in the blog too !


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