Live blogging a musical evening with Pankaj Udhas at Music Academy

A prolonged Eid treat that i was so eagerly waiting for was to see, hear and experience one of my favorite ghazal singers, Padmashree Pankaj Udhaas. Headed out of office as early as 6:15 for this event looking forward to soulful renditions from the maestro himself only to realize that the show was sold out. This is my fifth concert listening to him rightfully qualifying as a rasika. I was initiated to listening to ghazals by my dad since my school days and took an instant liking to his music. Much later in college started listening to another maestro that i was equally passionate about : Jagjit Singh.The creative work of both these icons has been pathbreaking transcending to illiterate and rustic souls like me.The concert started with lighting of the lamp by Pandit PB Srinivas

He starts the musical journey with ” Dil dhadkne ka sahab yaad aayaa..” . After that, digging deep and pulling the heartstrings with ” Deewaron se milkar rhoona aacha lagta hai.. ” absolute nirvana listening to the 80 classic ! ” Aur aahista keejiyee baatein ….” from the late 90’s . Then there was this nazm by zafar gorakhpuri ” Dukh sukh ka ek …. ” just took us on a time travel. ” Sabko maalum hai mai sharaabi nahin phir bhi koi peelayaen to my kya kaaroon…” Followed by gem of rendition of “Chandi jaise rang hai tera..”


The evening was a classic chicken soup to a ghazal starved soul.

Contemperory racy music of likes of Linkin park, Rihanna, Adele, Jason mraz or shakira top charts faster yet the seem so superficial lacking the melancholy of artists of this genre.

It is so invigorating to hear artist of such calibre have chennai in their annual iternary. Altogether it was a memorable evening to cherish and remember. May god bless him to carry his work to younger generations.


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