Back to blogging here after three years! Its been crazy ride

This was long due and thought of initiating this on my birthday ! A lot of high’s and low in the previous year. Innumerable presentations with VC’s and Prospective Investors about Airpod and Avereconsult. Mentoring activity in PMI on Agile and on Social Media. Delivered my first PMI presentation outside Region 11 at the APAC LIM at Bali

Followed by heading social media strategies for the PMI National Conference 2015 (Bengalooru) for the 4th consecutive year. At workplace had the opportunity to present on Precision Farming with Airpod at the National Conference on Reinvigorating Agriculture Innovations for Farmers (RAINFED 2015) at Hyderabad and furthering of the product marketing discussion for Africa with ICRISAT .

Early 2016 took on the additional responsibility of powering Social Media Strategies for PMI India starting the #pmrc16 campaign for the First Regional Conference at Kochi and just yesterday we crossed half million monthly impressions on Social Media. Also presenting a workshop for PMI Leaders at LIM Colombo.

Looks like an exciting year ahead  after that terrible health scare and harrowing experience of Floods. For more regular updates follow me at @pmiagile and @joesat . Going forward one thing I will be adopting is to update my blog


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