About Syed Nazir Razik

Netizen basically,
Alumni of ARLM School 90 Batch
PSG CAS Coimbatore,
MBA from Madras University,
PG on Supply Chain Management from Anna University,
PG on GIS in 1997 from Institute of Remote Sensing,
Project Management Professional since 2005

Certified Scrum Master since 2007

Worked with Companies like Aptech Hardcore, Orchid Systems, Kondagan, Fortuna Tech Malaysia in top management.
Now associated in Executive management of Mecosoft Systems Pvt Ltd India,
EVP – (Value creation) in Fuente Systems Inc. USA.,
Executive Vice President – Numeric Fuente , Canada.
Member of BarCamp Chennai,
Member of Blog Camp Admin Group and Chief Organizer Blog Camp 2006

Member of Proto Talk and Chief Organizer PROTO, WIKICAMP,SearchCamp2007
Co Founder and Secretary, The Knowledge Foundation, Chennai

Member, Usability Professional Association Hyderabad, Chapter

Key Remote organizer for UMO2007

Member of Google forum on RFID, Imagemagick,
Member of Cyber Crime Task Force Chennai

Member of Madras Management Academy, Chennai
Member of Project Management Institute , Chennai Chapter
Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) Chennai,
Favorite pastime is on Tech Blogging, Fashion Blogging
Citizen Journalist at Merinews.com

Freelance Tech author in Techgoss.com (Australian Tech Portal)

What is Blogging ?

This has been best outline in the presentation embedded here courtesy David Darmano , an expert on user experience.

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17 thoughts on “About Syed Nazir Razik

  1. just dropped to say hi!. You seem to have some credible recognition on your side.

    By the way, I am interested in taking the BarCamp movement to Delhi, the city I am camping in for the last 4 years or so.

    Any leads !!

  2. Hi Syed ,
    Very Impressive resume . Look forward to more association with you at Usabilitymatters.org . Guide us by your experience with Blog Camp 2006 success

  3. Hi Syed,
    Came following your comment on my recent article on entrepreneurship. I’ve been following Proto.in and happy to spread the word…its a worthwhile event…you might even see me there next time 🙂

    What ‘non-profit’ is behind it? Look forward to seeing Proto develop into a longer-term initiative, and I’d be happy to contribute.

  4. Hi Syed,
    Thanks very much for adding the button to your site. There’s a line of code thats missting that’s not making the button work. I can’t find a email address for you on this site so if you pop me a line, we can send over the right code. Or you can grab it again from the publisher page.

    Love the site but the way! Rgds, Sameer

  5. hi

    this is srini
    u ve seen me at podworks event

    in ur profile i saw u r from arlm

    ve u studied at arlm school in cuddalore

    quite interestin
    i m also from cuddalore.


  6. Hi Paavan,

    TKF doesnt have a site up yet . But we are prominently known for the events that we organize on a breathless pace. But that by itself is not an excuse for not having a site on its own so very soon we will be hosting our site. Have a good day !


  7. Recommendations For Syed Nazir
    Co Founder

    The Knowledge Foundation

    “Syed’s enthusiasm is very infectious when it comes to TKF events. His meticulous execution and managing the finance has reflected very positively in many TKF events. Syed’s handling of PR, press and new media is commendable. His fine taste adds color to culinary delights during events – an important enabler for networking. Seeing India as a world leader, making development reach everyone are some of the values cherished by Syed as demonstrated by his actions.” June 4, 2008

    Balaji Sowmyanarayanan, Owner, Tag & Monitor
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at The Knowledge Foundation

    “Syed is a Co-Founder of Knowledge Foundation and I have participated in some of the events and workshops organised by them on Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts. I have always held Syed at a very high esteem for his meticulous planning and execution of events, in which high profile personalities used to participate. I have seen him calm and poised even in difficult situation. He is a great event organiser. I wish him all the best. I always look forward to participate in all the sessions organised by him.” May 30, 2008

    Srinivasan K, Founder / President and CEO, Prime Point Foundation and Prime Point PR (P) Ltd
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at The Knowledge Foundation

    “Syed is a able administrator highly technology oriented. He is a go getter of very high caliber and above all is great to work with.” May 26, 2008

    Sukumar Sreenivasan, Owner, Srilux Leathers
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at The Knowledge Foundation

    “Syed is the man behind the success of SearchCamp Chennai during October 2007. He organized the event in great style and made sure that the event happens despite the delay in raising sponsorships for the event… He knows how to organize a real world-class event; and is a great leader.” October 9, 2007

    Ezhil Raja, Co-Founder, UpTrendHits.com
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at The Knowledge Foundation
    Executive Vice President

    Fuente System Pvt Ltd

    “Syed has been of great support for me for organizing the MoMo Chennai Events . Hes an excellent critic and communicator. He constantly strives for improvement of quality in whatever he does and also encourages others to adopt the same.” February 18, 2008

    Varun Krishnan, Mobile Blogger, FoneArena
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at Fuente System Pvt Ltd

    Mecosoft Systems Pvt Ltd

    “Syed is a very ground to the earth person and an extremely dynamic personality. He is to the to go person if you want any help with setting up a firm or just simply to get an adrenaline shot. He has been instrumental in setting up The Knowledge Foundation and has been a key member of a lot of Not for Profit initiatives. He is a selfless individual and a very good human beyond being a admirable professional. He gels along with people of all ages and has tons of patience and persistence.” May 26, 2008

    Krishna Prathab R V, Director – Technology, Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    was with another company when working with Syed Nazir at Mecosoft Systems Pvt Ltd

    “Razik is one of the hardest working professionals I know. His ability to grasp strategic concepts is unmatched. He and his company, Mecosoft, have a very bright future.” May 23, 2006

    Chris Cholette, Owner, FashionIQ
    was Syed Nazir’s client

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  11. Hi Syed,

    Hope you are well.

    On behalf Sify Technologies, we would like to invite you to a press conference at 12 noon on Saturday, July 3, 2010, at the Park Sheraton Hotel. Raju Vegesna, Chairmand & MD, will be launching India’s first ‘Consumer’ Cloud Service.

    It would great if you could join us.

    98400 70444

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