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Numeric Fuente has redone its web presence with a totally new look and feel conveying their strength in global deliveries and quality management. ” Fuente ” is a latin american word that means Fountain and in this context refers to ” the fountain of knowledge ” . Numeric fuente is a 100 % Joint venture company that has sprung from a successful relationship between Numeric Answers, Canada and Fuente Systems Pvt Ltd., India on the premise of creating a convenient and successful global delivery platform for companies to manage all their accounting needs in a effecient and effective manner. This concern has a pool of highly resourceful accounting professionals who manage accounts and related records of companies in record time while these companies can take care of their core competency in their related domains and functions, effectively. Globally all CFO’s and CEO’s are more detetmined to cut cost and increase quality to compete in the global marketplace and with firms like this pitching forward to take care of all your non core functions at a competitive price advantage it becomes more of a logical choice for companies to talk to firms like Numeric fuente to discuss the possibilities. The current site clearly elucidates their funtional leadership in the related areas and also thows immese light on the offshoring advantage. Chitraprabha of Numeric Fuente says ” Your accounts department works and churns numbers while you sleep ” . With the able support of Frances Zomer and Azim Fancy in sharing crucial management and customising initiatives across from canada it creates a strong domain platform for best results for both the client and the company.

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Fuente, Barcamp and Scrum : A great way ahead
Barcamp Bangalore has always been a very pleasant experience for me One of the core reasons being that I am a visitor to the Bangalore and most of the purpose of me going there will be to get together for a learning and contributing ideas as such. My focus is more on the content and to derive value for that secondly it serves as a totally new pitch where we meet a lot of new people apart from the core team of Barcamp Bangalore (who btw are a set of amazing individuals) . My previous experience with Barcamp Bangalore was at 2006 when the second edition was held at Yahoo Labs. I have very pleasant memories of that camp. There was a large overdose of ROR, Pinko marketing and Taazza but it was scrum that really captured my attention and over the following weeks we at Fuente and Mecosoft developed this into a practice for smaller web based projects and today its one of the landmark standards that we established in 2006.

BCB3 I am sure will spark more such ideas into my mind.This time I will be there with an expectation as well as representing the brand of The knowledge Foundation as we want to spread the idea and the concept of knowledge sharing movement among the youth in India.

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Chris is in Town ! FIQ 2.0 plans unvieled !

Christopher Cholette, CEO – Fashion IQ and New Style Media Inc arrived at town this morning. He is here on a business visit and was discussing his aggressive plans for Fashion IQ 2.0. Chris was outlining his plans for 2007 and subsequently the discussion went towards his recently launched blogs on Menshoes and Business Shoes. These blogs are principally organized to keep the users abreast about any deals and sale that’s happening at the stores in US and in Europe. Plans to launch a User Forum where the users can get support related to shopping and also provide their views and inputs related to Fashion are being currently developed.

FashionIQ is one of the leading online retailer store focused on selling shoes for women and men. The interesting feature of Fashion IQ (Increase your Fashion Quotient ) is that the buyer get to choose and shop shoes based on different categories like color (BTW they have classified shoes based on 216 different color shades) style, make, brand, price range, finish so on … Based on all these attributes Fashion IQ has a method of measuring Fashion metrics for all its products ranging from highly fashionable In Vogue items to the least fashionable items. This online shop boasts of an range of 280,000 shoes in its shelves. Fashion IQ is very much associated with a some leading US retail store like Zappos.

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Frances Zomer visits Numeric Fuente Chennai office

Ms. Frances Zomer, President of Numeric Fuente is on her first visit to Chennai office to overlook operations, quality management and present the visionary roadmap to the delivery team headed by Chandra. Part of the visit is also to build relationship with the team to ensure all key result areas are covered. Chitra and me warmly welcome Frances to our office.

For the next few months Numeric Fuente will be working towards setting quality standards on deliveries and security to match global norms. We are set to create all initiatives to ensure that we work towards weaving standards as fabric of the organization. Welcome again Frances !

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Fuente Anniversary Celebrations:

Venue : The Park Sheraton

Date: 30Nov 2006

Participants: Chitra, Mrs. Raghavan, Saravanan, Sathi, Raghavan and Razik

Fuente Signs MOU with Numeric Answers on KPO

Posted by orione on November 22nd, 2006

Venue: The Maurya Sheraton

Date: 03 Nov 2006

Ocassion : MOU signing between Fuente Systems Pvt Ltd and Numeric Answers Canada

Attended by: Ms. ChitraPrabha , EVP of Fuente and Mr. Azim Fancy CEO Chairman of Numeric Answers and Syed Nazir Razik

Details : Right now kept confidential but will be announced as a press release very shortly

Looking forward to an exciting 2007 ahead. I would like to thank Ms. Frances, Ms. Vaiza and Sathi for having coordinated with us during this entire process and facilitated to conclude the MOU in record time to the satisfaction of both barties concerned.

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Fuente Systems shares some limelight at Blog Camp 2006 ! Posted by orione on September 13th, 2006

Fuente Systems and Mecosoft Systems have been strong supporters for the entire Blog Camp Admin group ever since we started our planning activities very seriously. They were helpful enough to spare their office for all our weekend meetings where in we were doing a lot of planning and strategising for the event. Here there is a small space where we are sharing the space in the blog camp.


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