Investments and Indian Equity market

This page will feature a chronology of the recommendations on the Indian Equity market.

Disclaimer: (All such recommendation are personal opinions only and any action take by readers will be considered as under their own risk)


One thought on “Investments and Indian Equity market

  1. Sensex had taken 21 months to touch the 20,000 level from the 10,000 level. It took only nine months after hitting its all-time peak of 21,206.77 on January 10, 2008 to dip below 10,000 to touch more than 2 years old low.

    Now Sensex is hovering in the range of 8000 to 9000. There is more pain and downside left.

    Do not get trap in these interim rallies and sudden surge of 5-10% in a single day.

    If you are a investor, start buying large fundamentally strong companies in 4 steps of 25% each.

    Holding them for an year and above would give you substancial gains.


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