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RFID, the critical differentiator in Time to market.

RFID is cool and here to stay. With Indian retail emerging as the next big wave of business opportunity global brands are vying for placement and global products are flooding Shelf spaces at all cities in India. This post is an effort to start a process of informing patrons on the technology that we need to look out for in our favourite hypermarkets and maybe later in our neighborhood kirana stores too. This video is courtesy The Metro Group


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RFID Series – 2

This is a video that is informative enough to know the capabilities of RFID technology implementation on closed spaces. This RFID video is courtesy IBM but very much conveys the functionality.

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RFID Series – 3 – Curb Money Laundering !

RFID technology can be incorporated on currencies as an efficient step to curb money laundering and similar activities. This will be a great step if implemented on all key entry points in international borders . We are not talking anything very futuristic at all. Already a lot of countries have automated immigration check points for their citizens where they can just swipe their passport on exit and entry points. It only a matter of time before this kind of embedding RFID on currencies is done. Check out this video courtesy Cross ID.

RFID on Passports – Pros and Cons (Series 4)

RFID tagging of passports though has its positive points here is one study done on the same and it implies how this data if not channelized properly can prove very lethal

The know how behind the workings of the RFID and the vulnerabilities are discussed here

Supply Chain management process using RFID integration

This video provides a detailed view of how RFID enable the management of supply chain of material inventory in an enterprise.

Do you want to get tagged ? The darker side of RFID on Implants

This is the kind of tagging that you find in the bond movie ” Casino Royale ” . In a ways this is cool but isnt this stretch RFI too far … Check out this video and post your comments . Do you accept to be tagged like this so that all 24 hrs you prefer to be tracked .?

RFID on Railways and logistics !  (Series 7)

Here is a demonstration of the RFID application on railways and its capabilty has been captured very well here. The bandwith of this opportunity, its utilisation on logistics and movement of goods is enormous. With the current Indian Budget the government has increased thrust on railways as a profit earning arm and more emphasis on logistics and related sectors, its time to start looking at applications that create value for the end customers. This application is currently being tested in the Euro rail network.

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RFID the know how behind the working of this technology (Series 9)

This movie provides a complete picture of RFID. The future with RFID is going to make privacy a premium commodity. Be it for reading marketing analytics or the consumer behavior or the demographics thats just the entry end of the spectrum of information that RFID can emanate but there are much deeper information like privacy is being infringed by such technology and someone is going to have access to that information. Where is the world leading us to ?

RFID and the future !

Compactness of the form size will be the basic direction where the future of RFID will basically be. Lower unit cost and increase in reading capability and transmission distance will be a direction that this technology will head towards.

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