IGF 2010 Sept 14 – 17th at Vilnius, Lithuania

IGF for 2010 will be held at Vilnius Lithuania and some of the key topics to be discussed will include Net neutrality, Digital inclusion, Online education , Online Child safety on Social media, digital networks leveraging rural empowerment, Intellectual property rights and its impact on software so on… Will try to report more clarity as we proceed. Lithuania is at cultural melange between the East and the West of Europe and is a great place to be . More details available as you go through the videos here.

ISOC Chennai has announced its Chapter elections for the next two years. The chapter is going aggressive on its plans to tie up with similar organizations to do programs at the ground level that will engage on public dialogues and forums to spur innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs. ISOC’s larger mission and vision is dedicated to cultivating a new generation of Internet leaders who will address the critical technology, policy, business, and education challenges that lie ahead.

With this year i will be joining ISOC Chennai board to serve as Director – Corporate to garner industry participation into supporting causes related to Internet. Business participation is an critical component  to improve transparency in the policy making process and thereby governance . Hence it is necessary that we create networking corridors for more corporate brainstorming on the same. I have been associated with ISOC since 2008 as an Internet Governance Fellow and have been actively campaigning for creating awareness on the issue of Safer Internet for Children. (An interesting fact is that ISOC Chennai was the one of the earliest ISOC Chapter in India.)


IGF 2008 : Topic 1 : Commonwealth Connects

Amidst elaborate and obsessive security arrangements at HICC in hyderabad after the mumbai blasts, the third internet governance forum got underway on a full swing and one of the first programmes that i am attending is called the ” Commonwealth Connects ” . The topic was briefed by Tony, Tom Walker,  and establishes

The CHOGM got together at Malta way back in 2005 to form an digital strategy to build ICT in the commonwealth countries. With that focus there has been a lot of digital initiatives that have been initiated by this group that will be a kind of test bed for similar larger implementations on developing countries that are a part of the commonwealth.  Commonwealth connects features a digital library , skills exchange and project market place. There are also initiatives on looking at the mobile spectrum and looking at 2G for bradening its reach to the people. Possibilities to provide narrowband access to people in poor countries in an effort to increase reach.

The topic was concluded with a topic by the Diplo  Foundation of Malta by Vladimir who was one of my mentor at the capacity building programme that we did with Nixi India.

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