Top industry experts confirm my predictions that Sensex will cross 20 k.

I had made a blog post as soon as i returned back to trading / market analysis after a 1 month long sabbatical owing Ramzan fasting here . In that post my prediction on the bull run was a bit of a rational approach . Tonight industry experts are more positive that my predicted levels will be crossed even before Diwali.

PS: 10 days after my prediction on the market to touch 20 k levels top financial experts confirm the possibility of that happening within the time frame predicted by me ….

Markets look typical to this building that is coming up at Orchard Road Singapore, eventhough it looks unstable to a common person the fundamentals are based on strong grounds ! Senses today is on similar climate. Investing in this climate is for the strong hearted people who can base their decisions on the intact nature of the fundamentals.

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