Future of Mobile and ubiquitous online presence

With the evolution of Mobile devices and Better connectivity on networks, we are ubiquitous of an online presence at all times when one is awake. This by itself redefines way we go about doing our daily work. Right from morning jog that get recorded from your GPS into the system to the sign off that happens late at night we are online in one way or other. Slowly businesses are getting redefined into newer channels ! Here is a perspective of global trends.

MoMo Chennai unveils plans for 2010 Edition due in February

MoMo First Edition team
Core organiser of MoMo First Edition

Immediately after PROTO.in Mumbai edition, The Knowledge Foundation has scheduled a MoMo Chennai edition. This will be a day long event and is planned to cater to both the mobile developer community as well as to educate the end users. Impressive plans are getting structured and the second organiser’s meet is due this saturday ! Interested volunteers pls follow us on Twitter for further details.