Best project of 2012 : Redbull Stratos Project ( A project that inspired me )

(This is not a blogpost endorsing any commercial brand )

On 14th October this year a very unknown austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner flew to 39kms above space to the edge of earth and took a leap back to the ground. The entire jump was spanning just 4 mins 20 secs and is captured so beautifully on the video. During the jump, more than half a dozen world records were broken which include breaking the sound barrier outside an aircraft, highest altitude jump and the fastest on earth so on. They are
Maximum altitude of 39.045 kilometres (24.261 mi)
Maximum speed of 1,342.8 kilometres per hour (834.4 mph), which corresponds to Mach 1.24 or 373 m/s
Total free fall time of 4 minutes, 19 seconds
Total free fall distance of 36,529 metres (119,846 ft)
A fifty year old record is broken and dedicated 8 million users watch this 2 hr spectacle on youtube here

To execute a 4 minute jump required months and months of planning to the last detail with a dedicated team that worked on covering all aspects of this feat.The project was called the Redbull Stratos Project. More than the human endurance element there were several factors that needed to be quantified measured and kept track of to ensure that the entire project was on course. Just to think of putting Risk chart for such a project is by itself a great challenge. The innumerable risk elements that need to be covered and the contingencies mapped is just humongous.

As a geek you get to dabble with technology and gadgets that are until now available at the echelons of power like Dept of defence or NASA. Now private enterprises across the world are aspiring to take to the skies with cost effective solutions and thereby redefining the realm of the space travel industry.

Redbull Stratos Project team

Above all this a project of this scope demands leadership that is so visionary as well as a subject matter expert in the field with great determination and passion to drive the team Reading through the nitty gritties of this project makes you aspire to be a part of such ventures to plan better and reach to test the limits of human possibility. One thing that i have learnt very clearly over the year leading project is that “any goal is achievable as long as the plan and resources and human determination to execute are strong” And the Redbull Stratos Project was one such project that really fascinated me in the year 2012 !


Significance of Fasting consistently leads to longevity

Fasting has been advocated in different relegions in different ways.  Ramadhaan is known for that among muslims. Lent is period of similar nature among Christians and Hindus have their regular fasting on particular days of the month. Scientifically it has been proven that calorie restriction is the most effective and well-documented pathway to longevity among animal studies.

This has got a great effect on the Mitochondria of the cell (powerhouses of the body). Scientists say that calorie restriction 
stress is similar to a condition the body produces on excercise. This leads to the secretion of NAD or Nicotinamide Adenin 
di nucleotide in the mitochondria of the cell. This has been termed as Sirutin 2, 3 , 5 and 5 . Increased levels of the same 
leads to the burning or usage of existing fat in the body thus resulting in slowing down of the ageing process in the body. 
Furthermore this also leads to slimming down process. There is a lot of reasoning scientific facts that seem to be available
supporting the theory called mitochondria oasis hypothesis. Resultant is that its good to fast !