Ideacamp, India Search Summit and Socialmaxx : Forthcoming initiatives at The Knowledge Foundation

How many times have you felt an awesome idea and wanted to validate it with a peer group ? How many times have you felt that you are found sitting at a great idea for so long that you find that competition has been capitalising on that ? And how many times have you reached out to your community to build something together ? The answer to all this  #Ideacamp .

Events like #barcamp , #ignite have ventured partly in this direction but with Ideacamp we just want to celebrate ideas (any domain) and understand  how collective brainstorming can take things to the next level. This platform will seek to validate ideas as well as gather support in building a team around the idea. The key component of Ideacamp would be the audience. The more diverse they are the greater will be the input to the event per se.. Already we have members from ISOC Chennai trying to connect the event with global thinkers. Due to be held in the third week of May 2010 Follow developments on twitter and facebook by tracking the tags #ideacamp

Search meets Social and Social meets search. A few weeks back twitter announced with twitter predictor it was able to predict box office success.Lately a lot of commercial organisations are listening to social media streams like twitter , facebook, linkedin to understand their customers, service levels as well as online branding. Naturally its imperative that we combine both streams without diluting content in each of these domains. Searchcamp has been renamed as India Search Summit Owing to the tremendous success of the previous two editions of Searchcamp , we wanted it to grow into a larger and serious initiative that can bring together more Search professionals so that we can take it to other cities in India on the long run.

The Knowledge Foundation has already done events in the past like Buzz140  ( #buzz140 ) on twitter (2009) , India’s first Facebook Garage in Pune edition (2009) , its time that we elevate the bar to combine all into one focussed event on Social Media. This time we want to combine popular tools like LinkedIn also to the discussion . India Search Summit and Socialmaxx will be held on consecutive days at the third week of August 2010. We welcome volunteers and enthusiasts who can join us to help in these initiatives . To follow development updates on this event pls search for #socialmaxx


At Search Camp 2007

The conference has started with the speech of Prabuddha S Raychaudhuri from we look forward to two days of learning on SEO and SEM . Will be providing an hourly update on the proceedings too.This was followed by a customer perspective provided by George Tai from Taiwan.

There was an excellent session on the Road map of SEO and SEM market in India and it was covered by Pinstorm CEO, Mahesh Murthy. There seems to be a rising momentum of Shift from PPC or pay for commission to Pay for Performance (P4P). Commission models are running pretty old. There is also going to be a diminished growth in consultancies. CPA – Cost per Acquisitions talks more and similar to Cost per Impact. There is going to be rise of agencies will be on the long tail. For starters and Dummies, a cross engine approach will be the future. There is a more emphasis on common delivery center in one place similar to a hubs and spokes model, rather than staffing all your branches. More details on the 10 point approach to the future is provided here

More updates on the event in the afternoon

A very interesting panel discussion is about to start at ” Search Engine Marketing : Should it be done inhouse or outsourced ?” Participants were Vickram, Efficient Frontier, Milind Mody, Ceo Ebrandz, Mahesh Murthy, Pinstorm, Venkatesh from Dotcom Infoway. A more detailed video on the debate will be uploaded into youtube abd embedded here shortly

One of the main points of proposition of the SEO panel is Pls leverage on our expertise and learning rather than try to reinvent the wheel. As someone rightly put SEO is about putting a good signage on your shop, ensure the decorum is pleasing so on whereas SEM is about driving customers to visit the shop itself totally.

Day 2 had some excellent sessions by some SEO experts . Few of the sessions that really kept you engrossed were Seotips for blogs by Mani , Contextual Advertising, the future by Vivek Bhargava and Single pack SEO by Prashanth. SOme of the disappointments were the SEM – Expectations Vs Deliverables – Panel Discussion that was more of sort of sales pitch for all these SEO firms who were basically ganging up on the companies that were nurturing inhouse SEO and SEM teams. This panel was attended by Satya Prabhakar, CEO –, Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO –, Vivek Bhargava, CEO – Communicate2 and Rajesh Sule, Director – Position2

All the sessions have been recorded and will be shortly hosted by the Knowledge Foundation on optimised viewing bandwidth online . A copy of the DVD will also be made available if contacted here

Overall the event was a great success as it was the first time a common ground was created for SEO and SEM experts from all over India to gather in a single pitch . We forecast that an event first of this kind will definitely spawn growth of associations and formation of groups in that field. As for us members of the Knowledge Foundation we had learnt some SEO gyaan and networking over the two days. Kudos to the Searchcamp organisers for cool content and the knowledge foundation for breaking new grounds and making another first one here .
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