The Knowledge Foundation Initiatives

02.07-2007 The Knowledge Foundation has a group in The Facebook called the Knowledge Foundation ( )

The Nation is ready to take the leap ! Come , Join Us at The Knowledge Foundation !

This page will mostly carry a lot of information of the happenings at TKF related to events , society networking efforts and updates related to workshops conducted and hosting of live shows online. We have some exciting stuff coming up from next week that will be spurning this page and i am also looking for co authors for the same.

Syed Nazir Razik discussing the knowledge Foundation Initiatives !

Posted by orione on March 7th, 2007

This was a discussion that was recorded on 19th February 2007 . Owing to the busy schedule of wikicamp and the ensuing activities a lot of us got so tied up that only now we realise a lot of work is left on the cans. So now the time for this has come. We welcome your suggestions and thoughts and measures that we need to take to make this TKF initiative bigger and better. So if you listen to this and have a word to share pls leave your comments on the post for us to take note. Thanx !

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Wikicamp is over ! Another feather in the cap for The Knowledge Foundation !

Have you organized an event or been a part of something and midway down you realize that it has a whole world out there, well that’s how I felt once we were onto Wikicamp. All that we knew about wikis was redefined in the entire day and we got to know the guys behind the wiki. Of course we had the opportunity to brush shoulders with the indomitable spirit of Wikipeadia, Jimmy Wales but this synergy brought about a lot more than that. We met some good wiki administrators and bureaucrats of wikis. Jimbo was so down to earth and so full of words for the knowledge foundation that Wikicamp was the first of its kind (Wikimania is a conference of Wikipeadia and wikis) . TKF got a good pitch to voice our views and to invite more volunteers for our activities in this part of the world and with Jimbo there what more could we ask for!

The day started with Bhadani coming in at 6 am to the venue and helping me out with typical un conference spirit. We had core organizers like ragavan, kiruba, sukumar, ramanujam, arvind, ganeshapp, govind, dinesh, sanjay, vimal, sunil, jayant, labsji and all come in and chip their part in setting the place up. Credits go to all these people who were in some way or other contributing to the event.

Siddhi, Sukumar, vimal, moyeen at the registration desk doing a lightning job. Sudhir was there to help me and kiruba to carry the press meet smoothly. Great work buddy both in organizing it and moderating it. We had NDTV, CNN-IBN, India today, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and all leading dailies in that room. The day took a great beginning with Jimbo kick starting event with his presentation followed with Bhadani, Ganesh(bot), Arun Ramrathanam, Atul Chitnis and all. Afternoon we had a big fight moment with topic Blog Vs Wiki and this shook up everyone. Actually I was supposed to be donning the neutral role of moderator and finally the blogger in me ceded to the whims of the argument and it was total fun ended with Atul coming in force to pacify all of us.

Now coming to what we all missed in this event….This time the concept of splitting the events into 2 streams really spoiled the flow of the topic. There was one more factor that we all got an overdose of was that there was too much of media presence in the event. Jimbo attracted a lot of publicity for the local media and in a way it was a deterrent to the spirit of the un conference. The publicity sideshow turned out to be a big dampening effect on the event . End of the day the wiki users were happy to have found a common pitch to share their knowledge, Jimbo was happy to have found the growing base of wiki users. But for those amateur wiki users we still had not much to take home from this event.

But as an organizer you know what I took home from this event …. the confidence and determination that we can pull off an event of this magnitude with the sheer help of a spirited team (Who said we need an event managers ??? ) Today we have a great team of simple individuals who proved their synergy when put together is taller than anything ! Hats off to all of you guys !

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A defining moment in Blog Camp 2006 !

Posted by orione on September 13th, 2006

Cricket is a relegion in this part of the world and blogging is our passion and in blog camp 2006 we happened to have a person who could identify with both the worlds in a great manner. Sunny is a professional podcaster for yahoo and his podcast that are pre match and post match are very famous. He graced blog camp by visiting us and sharing his experiences as a podcaster. Many bloggers have written about it and many more will write about. But here is a rare moment where The little master is seen accepting the official Tee of blog Camp 2006 as a token gift from me. Thanx Sunny for coming ! And Thank you Yahoo for making it memorable to all of us . Left of sunny is the Spammer. He got a 1 O 1 with sunny for 10 minutes and the excerpts of that conversation are available here


4 thoughts on “The Knowledge Foundation Initiatives

  1. Your blog looks impressive. Will keep in touch. I think you are in touch with Sameer, Muthu and other folks you met here. On a personal note, I am from Coimbatore as well. We didnt have much time to speak, when you came down for our UPA Launch meet, as I was busy with the organizational work and was not on the stage :).

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