Blog camp efforts and we are set to roll..

Finally the dust is settling down after all the pressure to conclude all our efforts to close sponsors for Blog Camp 2006. We have Yahoo, Nokia, Apple, Sify , Fashion IQ , Fuente system, Fresh and honest and a few more to add. As of this evening we froze on all the efforts as taking things beyond tomorro will be too late for other work.
Now that i have a breather i would like to share some good news that this confeence has brought to me. I was able to tag with one of my college mate Navin and that has opened access to a string of friends who i lost touch once i was at malaysia for the previous 3 yrs. I would like to quote that earlier in a similar blogadmin meet i came across one more classmate kennedi who is an astrologer and who blogs . As the event is nearing its D day the core team is practically breathing Blog camp and the activtiy is so viral.
Now we are left with building strategies, games, contest covered by Ganesh , T Shirt design by Jacobadel and also to ensure the hospitality desk taken care by Sunil , Varun and Vicky. Then food and catering is covered by Ganesh . Then there is Kiruba, Nandhu and me working getting some interviews with interested bloggers who would like to be a part of the Blog Camp yet cannot make it to chennai in person. Such people have volunteered to  share their thoughts with us online. Last we have Dina and Neha from Global Voices Online working on getting the content for the conference to the latest trends and ensuring that its all fresh and great. Hats off to all these guys! And we have miles to go….


2 thoughts on “Blog camp efforts and we are set to roll..

  1. Syed-how can i get figured in next media coverage?…:) nice to see u rocking at itWire…what next?

    btw ur above post is driving traffic to my site…way2go

  2. Hi Team,

    Appreciate you guys working soo hard to make the biggest blog unconference a success..This really needs to be pulled off by the media in a BIG way….

    cheers to all

    All the Best!!!

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